• What should do during  Chinese Spring Festival?

    What should do during Chinese Spring Festival?

    As the traditional Chinese Spring Festival approaches, the streets and households across the country are full of excitement and anticipation. This annual festival, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a time for family reunions, honoring ancestors, and ushering in good fortune for the coming year...
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  • What is metal corner tape used for?

    When it comes to drywall installation, proper protection and reinforcement are crucial to ensuring a durable and professional finish. This is where metal corner tape comes into play, providing necessary support and protection to the corners and edges of drywall. So, what exactly is metal angle t...
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  • What is the difference between paper tape and scrim tape?

    Shanghai Ruifiber is a reputable manufacturer of fiberglass self-adhesive tapes, offering a variety of products including paper tapes and scrim tapes. Many consumers may wonder what the difference is between these two types of tapes. Paper tape, as the name suggests, is made of paper, is lightw...
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  • How do you apply paper joint tape to drywall?

    If you work with drywall, you probably know that using paper joint tape is a critical step in creating a smooth, seamless surface. If you are looking for high-quality paper joint tape in the market, then Shanghai Ruifiber Manufacturing Factory is your best choice, it is the leading manufacturer ...
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  • What is fiberglass tape used for?

    Shanghai Ruifiber: Your Trusted Manufacturer of Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Tape If you’re in the construction industry, you may have heard about alkali-resistant fiberglass tape. But what exactly is it used for, and why is it important in construction projects? Fiberglass tape is a type ...
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  • What is fiberglass joint tape?

    If you are in the construction or renovation industry, you may have come across the term “fiberglass joint tape.” But what exactly is fiberglass joint tape and why is it so important? Fiberglass joint tape is a type of reinforcing material used in drywall installation and finishing. ...
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  • What is Fiberglass Mesh for Waterproofing?

    Fiberglass mesh is a multifunctional material that is commonly used in construction and renovation projects for its strength and durability. This material is made from woven fiberglass strands, and it is coated with an alkali-resistant solution, making it ideal for applications where it will be ...
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  • What kind of fiberglass mesh is used for mosaic?

    What kind of fiberglass mesh is used for mosaic?

      Mosaic art backing is fiberglass mesh. This grid provides a strong and durable base for the mosaic tiles, ensuring the artwork will last for years to come. A common mosaic fiberglass mesh size is 5×5 inches and weighs 75 g/m². This particular size and weight is ideal for providing am...
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    In home decoration, most people choose to use gypsum boards when decorating suspended ceilings. Because it has the advantages of light texture, good plasticity, and relatively cheap price. However, when dealing with the gaps between drywall boards, you need to apply a bandage to ensure that they ...
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  • How to use Shanghai Ruifiber Metal corner paper tape?

    Corner protection should start with concealed works, so that the integrity of the corner can be better protected from the inside out. Moreover, if the house is lived for a long time, it is prone to aging, and the corners of the wall are the most prone to falling off. Therefore, considering these ...
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  • What are the main uses and functions of Ruifiber fiberglass mesh?

    As an essential auxiliary material for external wall insulation, fiberglass mesh has excellent crack resistance, tensile resistance, and chemical stability. So where are fiberglass mesh mainly used and what are their functions? Fiberglass mesh is glass fiber woven with medium alkali or alkali fr...
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  • Paper Manufacturing Process

    Paper Manufacturing Process

    1. Peel the wood. There are many raw materials, and wood is used as the raw material here, which is of good quality. The wood used to make paper is put into a roller and the bark is removed. 2. Cutting. Put the peeled wood into the chipper. 3. Steaming with broken wood...
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